Asho rubbers
From modest beginning in 1967, with its first unit for manufacturing rice polishers, Ashok Group has grown in global scale and scope. It was the first unit of its kind in the country itself. Today, as the largest rice polisher-manufacturer in national ranking, the company serves the demands of both developed and emerging markets nationwide.

Catalyzed by new ideas, which Ashok Group relentlessly exploit, and energized by an exciting repertoire of new product lines, the company is reaching out toward new markets and customers across the world. From hyper markets to hardware stores, supermarkets to salons, and wholesalers to warehouses, the company's national network now approximates 120 distributors in 23 states - and is growing.

These are, of course, results of the earnest endurance and spirit of the Company's founder Managing Director Late PP Lawrence coupled with the strong conviction and dedication of the office bearers and production crew under the leadership of the present. Managing Director Josh Lawrence. All these lead the Company to the path of development and prosperity.
In 2001 Ashok Group started another unit, Ashok Rubber Factory for the manufacturing of fabricated light weight chappals with PWP technology under the brand name ASHO. It was the first full-fledged plant to be set up in the state of Kerala. Ashok Group takes special care in maintaining the quality of its products - an uncompromising attitude with respect to quality.

The company's growth and expansion is made possible because of the products' exceptional quality, design and task mastership. And the product offer is vast. It embraces 24 categories in over 120 versions - each uniquely characterized by shape, size, grip, and colour. All these testmonizes the National Honour Award from National Integration Council which the Company won in 2004.

In 2006, after extensive research and development, the company started a new EVA Foam division for the production of international range of EVA Foam Products like body fitness mat, floor mat, puzzle mat and foam creative kit.

What the Company offers its customers are products originating from quality assured process - in compliance with international standards and certifications - utilizing the very latest technologies that have been integrated in a deliberate and systematic manner with our manufacturing infrastructure. The results speak for themselves. In today's market, the power of responsiveness and reliability is crucial. As our customers and channel partners are finding out, we do respond, and we are extremely reliable.